Press Release

Statement on Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccination for BioNTech Employees and Suppliers to Ensure Undisrupted Manufacturing and Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

11 January 2021

To bring its COVID-19 vaccine to as many people as possible on a global scale, BioNTech and its partners will continue to operate their production sites at maximum capacity. To maintain the integrity of our supply chain, including the development, production, approval, supply and distribution of the vaccine, BioNTech has decided to offer a voluntary COVID-19 vaccination to its employees in Germany. In addition, the Company will make the vaccine available to suppliers and distribution partners in Germany and Austria who are actively and directly involved in the production and distribution process. The decision follows a careful assessment of the implementation of the program and the information of the German Ministry of Health as well as other health authorities.

Participation in this employee vaccination program is entirely voluntary, and all costs associated with the vaccination program will be covered by BioNTech. The additional small quantities of vaccine used for this purpose are separate and distinct from those committed under the supply agreements entered in to with the European Commission and other governments, and will not impact BioNTech’s ability to meet its commitments under these supply agreements.