Healthcare Transparency Reporting

BioNTech aspires to translate science into survival by developing new immunotherapies. As part of our research and development activities to achieve this goal, we are interacting with various covered recipients (i.e., healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, patient organizations, other covered recipients) to harness knowledge and best practices in the industry. We maintain our core values of integrity, transparency, and responsibility in our engagements with healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare organizations (HCOs), and patient organizations (POs). In line with legislations or industry association codices, BioNTech is committed to making transparent its interactions with such recipients by making the necessary disclosures in several countries across the world through the annual disclosure of these transfers of value.


US Sunshine Act

The US Sunshine Act was enacted in 2010 obligating applicable healthcare manufactures to disclose interactions with specified HCPs and HCOs. In line with this legislation, BioNTech discloses the transfers of value made to these recipients on the US CMS Open Payments platform.

US Sunshine Act – CMS Open Payments

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